Reform of Credit Insurance

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Recently, Christine Lagarde, Minister of Economy Industry and Employment has introduced a plan of reform to substantially change the current laws that allow banks to require borrowers to their insurance policies at a mortgage application.

Recall that this insurance is to cover the borrower in case of death, incapacity, disability and sometimes loss of employment. This reform will allow and, in 2010, all borrowers to choose their insurance loan only if the proposed contract includes guarantees equivalent to those offered him the bank.

For information, 85% of borrowers subscribe today their contract with the lender. Another very important aspect of reform: to increase transparency. Consumers who wish to subscribe an insurance credit will be now put a sheet of advice and information.
The government has prepared this document in consultation with the insurance professionals in partnership with consumer groups. And for the first time, consumers have been involved in creation of panels that have helped test and improve substantially the paper.

The form of advice and information is a unique setting that will prevail at all and should be completed jointly by the borrower and the dealer (banker, insurer, broker …). It enables consumers to be better informed of their rights and duties, which, it must be admitted, was lacking until now.

Finally, consumer credit will display the price of credit insurance. This should be expressed in euros per month. Recall that the market for credit insurance is a very active market with over 4 million contracts sold in 2007 (mortgage and business) for a turnover of over 6 billion and a half euros. Today over 30% of households who own an insurance contract borrower is more than eight million.

Life Insurances in Euro Capital Guaranteed

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Without risk, life insurance contract in euros is a savings account which is to accumulate capital by installments scheduled. The ability to make partial withdrawals are in a position where the member meets the terms of the contract, the goal still being to let the money grow for several years and allow to reduce taxation.

The capital of a life insurance contract in euros is guaranteed and the interest generated each year by the capital are acquired. But be careful, however, admission fees and management vary across insurance companies. Take care also in case of bankruptcy of the insurance company. In this case, a guarantee fund shall indemnify each insured up to 70000 euros.

You can withdraw your money whenever you want, outside of the cancellation period of 30 days, and without waiting for 8 years and if we respect the term of the contract about the total or partial redemptions.

The contract of life insurance euro is based on a guaranteed minimum annual rate plus a share of profits earned by the insurance company. Less than 4% in 2007, specialists in insurance and finance provide a guaranteed minimum interest rate around 3.5% in 2008.

Regarding the taxation of life insurance contracts in euros, only the interest of the money withdrawn from savings are taxed. You can choose to incorporate these interests in your income and you will be taxed according to the scale of your tax bracket.

For life insurance contracts in euros, payroll taxes are still 11%. But they cover only the interest generated by the contract on December 31 and every year.

Finally, in case of death of the insured or the beneficiaries of life insurance contract signed in euro since October 13, 1998 will enjoy an allowance of 152,000 euros, including all contracts. Above this amount the tax is 20%. And for transactions made after the 70th birthday of the insured, an allowance of 30,500 euros is applicable on payments, including all contracts. Interest is then exempt from tax and the surcharge is subject to inheritance classic.

About Credit Card Insurance (Part 2)

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This post will discuss our topic about credit card insurance from Part 1.

Amount of medical expenses paid

The ceilings offered by credit cards are insignificant compared to medical expenses that may be incurred in certain foreign countries like the USA, so it is strongly advised to take out additional insurance. Your medical expenses will be reimbursed up to a ceiling of 11,000 € for Visa and Mastercard in addition with a deductible of € 50 for one and € 75 for the other. Prime Visa has a higher ceiling (155,000 €) with a deductible of 50 €. The Amex has a maximum refund of € 9200. For example, with a deductible of 50 €, so consulting a doctor will cost 60 €, you will be reimbursed between 0 and 10 € with your credit card.

Welfare assistance

Generally, the guarantees offered by different credit cards cover virtually the same benefits:
• The management of travel expenses and hotel for a family member in case of hospitalization of the insured more than 10 days (visa Prime »125 € / day for 10 days up to 375 € Over “Platinum MasterCard” 250 € / day for 10 days to 750 € above). NAMELY: with supplemental health insurance, there are no ceilings.
• Repatriation and assistance to their home or place of hospitalization of children under 15 years.
• The early return in case of hospitalization over 24 hours or death of a loved one (support for return ticket).
• The shipment of drugs.
• Repatriation of body in case of death during the stay.
• Legal assistance abroad.

Travel cancellation insurance

The cancellation of travel is generally not offered with the cards ‘standards’. Prime Visa offers this guarantee capped at € 5,000 with a rebate of € 200 per insured person if cancellation is made 30 days before departure. The cancellation fees are paid by the Amex Gold and Platinum in the amount of 4500 € to 10.000 € per insured per year. The “Platinum MasterCard” reimburse up to a ceiling of 10,000 €.

Warranty flight delay or baggage

Cards “standards” do not usually compensate for the costs of basic necessities when your plane or your luggage is delayed. The Prime Visa offers 250 € from 4 hours of delay per trip. The Amex compensate you 150 € ( “Personal Card”) and 800 € (Platinum) for baggage delay, and between 100 € and 200 € for late planes. Insurance for the delay Mastercards cover the cost of 250 € (Gold) and 500 € (Platinum).

Stolen or damaged baggage

The standard cards do not compensate. Prime Visa card covers you up to 800 € per bag with a deductible of 70 €. The map “Platinum” Amex guaranteed personal effects in case of theft, loss or damage up to € 2,000 per trip. For Card Platinum MasterCard, the limit is 3200 € per year.


You are not covered with standard cards. Visa Prime Platinum MasterCard and you cover up to 1.525.000 € per event for all damage and injury caused to third parties. The Amex Platinum card covers you up to € 2,000,000 for property damage and injuries caused to others while traveling.
Remember that if there is an accident, 1.5 million € in some countries like the United States depart quickly between medical expenses, legal fees etc ….

The death or disability

The application of this guarantee is generally subject to the use of your card to buy your ticket. The accident causing death or disability must have occurred during the trip to be a trip “guaranteed” by the insurer (check out the conditions applying to each card). It may be a trip by public transportation or rental cars. MasterCard will pay up to € 95,000 (public transport) and 46,000 € (rental car). Visa Premier or Gold MasterCard pay for death or disability up to 310.000 € per family per event .. The Amex Gold Card and Platinum Mastercard cover respectively to 300.000 € and 620.000 € per family per occurrence.

About Credit Card Insurance (Part 1)

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In this post (part 1) we will discuss more about the basic of credit card insurance. Insurance with your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) are more like contracts to help you attend to incidents, for a short time without providing health insurance coverage and very important in any case if you stay more than 3 consecutive months in the United States.

If you want to be well covered, we recommend you use them in conjunction with a specific insurance. Without going into too much detail, we will outline the services offered.

The main services via your credit card

Warning: This analysis is not exhaustive and has no legal value. Moreover, certain safeguards have been updated by the banking institutions but not yet integrated in our presentation. We recommend you always contact your bank for details of your cover.

Persons insured

It is usually the cardholder, spouse or partner, dependent children for tax under the age of 25 years and ascending and descending. A note on Visa cards that the spouse and dependent children are covered even if not accompanied by the cardholder. As for the MasterCard “standard” including the family of the owner must accompany order to receive the benefit.

Territorial Extent of coverage

For Visa “standards” and “first”, you will be covered worldwide, without excess mileage for your business or private stay in your country of residence (if you are a resident French: metropolitan France including Corsica, Monaco, Andorra, DOM TOM and COM) or outside your country of residence for the security assistance. Regarding the insurance guarantee, it applies to more than 100 km from home or place of work. For cards Mastercard and American Express, assistance does not require franchise mileage, except for the “Gold Amex with which you are covered until 50 Km to you for the assistance of your vehicle, the medical assistance and repatriation expenses, and 100 km from your home in the world to guarantee the rental vehicle.

Length of Coverage

Guarantees of credit card take effect on the date of purchase (under certain conditions) on these cards throughout the duration of them until termination or automatic renewal by the licensee in the country of residence. When traveling abroad, secured assistance apply the first 90 days of stay. This condition can vary from one card to another depending on the type of coverage (insurance or assistance) if the stay is to last longer for specific reasons (death, disability due to an accident during the stay) for the “Visa First, the insurance guarantees apply the first 180 days of stay. Caution: If your stay exceeds 3 months your credit card “standard” will not cover you.

Conditions of application

As mentioned previously, the guarantees offered by credit cards apply in general from the possession thereof but subject to certain conditions. There are two types of guarantees, assistance and insurance. The first applies when the purchase of credit card, in case of illness or injury, death, legal action abroad and help the onward journey. The second applies when you set your travel services and other purchases related to it with your credit card, incidents of travel (delay planes, trains, luggage) and accidents Travel (death, disability). This can vary from one card to another.

Finding Free Quote for Home Insurances

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Do you think it is possible to get to an online insurance quote free home, through Internet sites specializing in the field, you only need to know the areas and the layout of your current home or your future apartment. It is necessary to calculate your quote, specify the type of housing for which you seek to ensure: Is it a house or apartment? Is this a primary or secondary residence? These are dumb questions when filling a form. You ask the average area in square meters of dependencies, but also the number of rooms, location of the dwelling concerned, it is possible that the cost of insurance varies by region sensitive to the risks of flooding or d ‘fire. It is not uncommon for reasons which you want to sign a contract you will be asked, as the due date of your last contract, if you have one already. The insurer seeks to both improve the services it offers but also to better know its customers.

Get a quote free home insurance is gaining incredible time, especially if you work very busy, which is not unusual when you come or we will move into its new “home”. Many paper are complete, we run from left to right to inform his change of address with its bank, its mutual health insurance, your supplier of electricity and many other even without counting the endless hours spent at to activate or change the new phone line. We really no longer wondered why some people prefer to take a few days’ leave “to organize their move. Others have a job too involved, and it is difficult to free themselves of their duties and find time, others want to change home insurance without necessarily dwelling. The orientation towards a comparative insurance allows individuals whose free time is a rare moment, to enjoy a combination of bids from different agencies.

To make an insurance quote free home, you should contact your personal details to receive deuxou within three days of your request, your quote in good and due form. Know that you have a right to access and correct any personal information about you. Generally, they are not disclosed, but sometimes it is stipulated that they will be used and disclosed to research companies for anonymous surveys do not present any commercial solicitation. All the time, you can still share, by written request, you oppose the dissemination of these data.

New Contract of Insurances

A new contract of insurance issued by MA was founded in December 2008. Like insurance contracts for vehicles and the principle of bonus-malus, MMA uncovers new contract based on medical reimbursements.
The principle is simple: At first, the annual fee is increased by 15%. Then, if you do not have medical expenses throughout the year, the insurance company will reimburse you half of your annual subscription. It is obvious that the less you use the insurance, the more you earn money by year end.
This agreement aims to reduce the huge deficit in the primary fund health insurance.

Consider an example: If you sign such a contract and you pay 300 euros in annual premium, you will pay 345 euros now. At the end of the year, if you have never received reimbursement of medical expenses, MMA will refund you half of 345 euros, that is to say 172.50 euros. In fact you will gain from an insurance contract simply the sum of 127.50 euros (172,50-45,00). It is obvious that the less you will receive refund, plus the insurance company will reimburse you. In the event that your reimbursements of medical expenses exceed the amount of the premium, you pay 15% surcharge for anything.

The insurance company decides to MMA, with this revolutionary new contract and interesting target a certain group of individuals. Indeed, the underwriting of such contract is intended rather to single people without children, and most importantly, healthy, preferably young, do not ever attending dentists or opticians.