Life Insurances in Euro Capital Guaranteed

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Without risk, life insurance contract in euros is a savings account which is to accumulate capital by installments scheduled. The ability to make partial withdrawals are in a position where the member meets the terms of the contract, the goal still being to let the money grow for several years and allow to reduce taxation.

The capital of a life insurance contract in euros is guaranteed and the interest generated each year by the capital are acquired. But be careful, however, admission fees and management vary across insurance companies. Take care also in case of bankruptcy of the insurance company. In this case, a guarantee fund shall indemnify each insured up to 70000 euros.

You can withdraw your money whenever you want, outside of the cancellation period of 30 days, and without waiting for 8 years and if we respect the term of the contract about the total or partial redemptions.

The contract of life insurance euro is based on a guaranteed minimum annual rate plus a share of profits earned by the insurance company. Less than 4% in 2007, specialists in insurance and finance provide a guaranteed minimum interest rate around 3.5% in 2008.

Regarding the taxation of life insurance contracts in euros, only the interest of the money withdrawn from savings are taxed. You can choose to incorporate these interests in your income and you will be taxed according to the scale of your tax bracket.

For life insurance contracts in euros, payroll taxes are still 11%. But they cover only the interest generated by the contract on December 31 and every year.

Finally, in case of death of the insured or the beneficiaries of life insurance contract signed in euro since October 13, 1998 will enjoy an allowance of 152,000 euros, including all contracts. Above this amount the tax is 20%. And for transactions made after the 70th birthday of the insured, an allowance of 30,500 euros is applicable on payments, including all contracts. Interest is then exempt from tax and the surcharge is subject to inheritance classic.

Choosing Health Insurance Properly

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Choosing a health insurance policy is an act more and more common, since it is a financial product widely used by the French. But what criteria should we choose to build a life that will really cost to run?

Choosing a life insurance policy can combine the advantages of savings included in the term, and ensure financial security to loved ones or yourself in case of death or injury. To choose a life insurance interesting in any of these cases, it must be special attention to certain points in the contract.

When choosing a life insurance policy must include determining the type of investment that will be applied to capital made by a withdrawal followed by monthly contributions. Under the apparent multiplicity of possible investments, there are really only two main modes of management. The euro fund to match a safe investment: capital is guaranteed and carried interests are acquired. The performance of funds in euros is still fairly low. Equity investments relate more, but they also contain much more risk. Choose a life insurance amounts mostly to make a mixture of these two types of investment: the more conservative will opt for programs with 80% investment in euro, while the more adventurous may prefer a mix with only 40% in euro, and 60% in equities.

When choosing a life insurance policy must also take into account the amount of fees charged for managing the contract. In practice, this setting makes the difference, since they are deducted from interest earnings. Choosing a life insurance policy with a strong performance may well be less profitable than agree to a contract less ambitious but with minimal management costs.

New Contract of Insurances

A new contract of insurance issued by MA was founded in December 2008. Like insurance contracts for vehicles and the principle of bonus-malus, MMA uncovers new contract based on medical reimbursements.
The principle is simple: At first, the annual fee is increased by 15%. Then, if you do not have medical expenses throughout the year, the insurance company will reimburse you half of your annual subscription. It is obvious that the less you use the insurance, the more you earn money by year end.
This agreement aims to reduce the huge deficit in the primary fund health insurance.

Consider an example: If you sign such a contract and you pay 300 euros in annual premium, you will pay 345 euros now. At the end of the year, if you have never received reimbursement of medical expenses, MMA will refund you half of 345 euros, that is to say 172.50 euros. In fact you will gain from an insurance contract simply the sum of 127.50 euros (172,50-45,00). It is obvious that the less you will receive refund, plus the insurance company will reimburse you. In the event that your reimbursements of medical expenses exceed the amount of the premium, you pay 15% surcharge for anything.

The insurance company decides to MMA, with this revolutionary new contract and interesting target a certain group of individuals. Indeed, the underwriting of such contract is intended rather to single people without children, and most importantly, healthy, preferably young, do not ever attending dentists or opticians.